Stratoscope experts have direct experience in both stadium design and major sports and entertainment events. We have managed various operatations for venues such as Madison Square Garden and Red Bull Arena. We have long working relations with major sporting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and Major League Baseball. We have decades of experience with large scale events including Super Bowls, Olympic Games, NBA All Star Weekends, and Salesforce Dreamforce. Our expertise includes stadium design, client experience, event security, business management, and more. We also partner with experts in advanced security technologies to deliver the most hi-tech solutions to address equipment and logistics needs. Combined, we have industry knowledge and experience to deliver optimal results to our clients.

Our Executive Team 

Dan Donovan
Founder + Managing Partner

Dan Donovan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Stratoscope. He has over 26 years of planning and overseeing event security experiences, which involves: security planning, crowd management, security systems design, operational readiness, crisis management, emergency operations and special event security. His many past notable clients include

  • 7 Olympic Games
  • 13 Super Bowls
  • 4 NBA All-Star Weekends
  • 6 Salesforce Dreamforce conferences
  • Salesforce World Tour
  • Amazon re:Invent
  • Google Next
  • As well as multiple events with professional and collegiate sports leagues.

Dan co-founded The Inocon Group in the early 2000’s, then led this new, innovative group into becoming a global leader in enterprise-wide operational risk solutions that included readiness planning, training and preparedness exercises. In 2011, he sold The Inocon Group to Guidepost Solutions LLC, where he remained as VP of the Sport & Entertainment Practice until joining T&M in 2017 and ultimately founding the burgeoning Stratoscope in 2020.

Paul Padilla
VP, Client Experience

Paul Padilla, VP of Client Experience for Stratoscope has more than 20 years of experience in the Sports and Entertainment security industry.  His recent work includes consulting for Securitas Security Services, and working with clients and events such as The New York Yankees, Major League Baseball World Baseball Classic, NBA All Star Game, and the re-opening of the Manchester Arena following the terrorist attack at the Ariana Grande concert.  He recently led numerous Red Team assessments (assessing risk readiness) for NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL franchises and venues. Paul served as the Director of Security and Guest Services for Madison Square Garden, Manager of Security Operations with Major League Baseball, and Director of Security at Securitas Security Services supporting Yankee Stadium.

Calvin Graber
VP, Client Experience

Calvin Graber, VP of Client Experience for Stratoscope brings a diverse background of experience specializing in event security and venue operations. Calvin has past work supporting professional and collegiate sporting events, global conferences and conventions, major concerts and music festivals. Prior to joining Stratoscope, Calvin worked in a number of sports and entertainment roles throughout his career, most notably having worked as the Interim Security Lead at the Chase Center on behalf of T&M, while the now Stratoscope team helped the Chase Center with their overall security plan development, readiness and opening.  Before joining our team, Calvin was Operations Manager at The Masonic and The Fillmore with Live Nation in San Francisco. He began his career with Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) managing venue security and event staff at Candlestick Park for San Francisco 49ers football games and various events at venues throughout Northern California. Calvin supports Stratoscope’s team from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

Paul Mathews
General Manager

Paul Mathews, is the General Manager of Ingressotek, a division of Stratoscope that focuses on advanced perimeter systems. Paul has over 15 years of highly sought after work in the Security and Entertainment industry. Prior to joining Ingressotek, Paul served as the Security Operations lead, planning security for the Dreamforce Conference, in San Francisco. In addition, Paul spent 13 years in the security division of Madison Square Garden managing all facets of security for events including the Knicks and Rangers games, concerts, UFC, Boxing and special events such as The Papal Visit, NBA All-Star Game and the MTV Video Music Awards.

Jessica Strikowski
Director of Operations

Jessica Strikowski, Director of Operations for Stratoscope, has over 20 years of business management experience.  Jessica oversees all administrative functions of the company including HR, Finance and Accounting.  She began her career in Marketing Research at The Palm Beach Post and Office Depot headquarters. Jessica spent 15 years as an entrepreneur, building a national gold buying business and employing people around the country under her leadership.  Prior to joining Stratoscope, Jessica was Operations Manager for T&M Protection Resources and Guidepost Solutions in New York.