Meetings Group
February 22, 2021

“We have to always be prepared, first for protestors and secondly for the possibility that these protestors may include individuals with the intent to do damage or inflict harm,” says Donovan, who has personally assisted with the security of such high-profile events as Amazon’s AWS re:invent conference, Google Next and the last six Salesforce Dreamforce conferences — not to mention seven Olympic games, 12 Super Bowls and four NBA All Star weekends. “We’ve seen protestors at a number of events that we’ve been involved with and have even seen them breach perimeters. How do we mitigate risk and what’s the likelihood of it happening at a business event? The answer is really all based on intel.”

Intelligence is critical in determining what risks need to be considered and which risks need additional resources dedicated to mitigating them, Donovan adds.

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