Design + Events + Crowd Management

STRATEGY + SCOPE + VISION the Stratoscope team is dedicated to PROTECTING PEOPLE and PERIMETERS. Strategically implementing sophisticated multi-layer ingress and egress solutions for high visibility and high traffic events with unsurpassed attention to detail.

20+ years of experience as security and crowd flow consultants for stadium construction, game day productions, live concerts and international corporate events, we set the bar for excellence and invite you to experience Stratoscope.

Our team consists of industry experts with experience in large scale venues and high-profile events. We also understand the new challenges presented by COVID-19 as well as and domestic terrorism threats. By taking a strategic approach to stadium design, event security and crowd management, we balance the needs of attendees, venue owners, and event organizers to achieve desired results.

Design Expertise

Our security technology, guest screening and crowd management design experts have been selected by professional and collegiate owners of stadiums across various sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, MLS and NHL. As masters of our craft, we work closely with ownership and the design team to ensure best practices, return on investment and total cost of ownership are factored into our design recommendations. Read more…

Safety + Security

Safety is more important than ever. Design, efficiency, and safety all go hand-in-hand. Each must play an active role in stadium design and major event planning rather than being an after-thought. Everything must be considered from vehicle mitigation, pedestrian flow to security checkpoints, location of services, crowd visibility, entry and exit points, crowd visibility within the stadium, etc. Improving safety and security starts with stadium design and continues with facility operations and event planning components. With so many puzzle pieces to consider, the key is to arrange those pieces in a manner that achieves efficiency without compromising safety and security. Learn more…