The Proactive Solution to Security Threats

Strong event security is both reactive and proactive. With our intel monitoring service add-on, your security will be more proactive than ever. Thanks to our open-source digital threat detection system, our team can monitor attempted intrusions or data exfiltration across multiple networks or endpoints, including social media. We can then take the proper action against those threats and provide appropriate security detail instructions in advance. Our service goes beyond typical threat monitoring risk assessment to provide:

  • High-end analysis of intel tailored to your business needs
  • Real-time reports from an expert analyst sent to your inbox
  • Potential threats or disruptions
  • Direct or related incidents within a geofenced region
  • Related news
  • Person-of-interest monitoring
  • Event sentiment

When you sign up for Stratoscope’s intel monitoring, you’ll receive regular reports and intel bulletins in real-time so your team is up to date on recent events and recommended actions. The real value, however, is that your team is assigned a dedicated analyst who watches our systems vigilantly before, during and even after the event, depending on the scope of the project.

Contact our team today to learn how our comprehensive intel monitoring can improve the safety and security of your events.