Stratoscope experts have direct experience in both stadium design and major sports and entertainment events. We have managed various operations for venues such as Madison Square Garden and Red Bull Arena. We have long working relations with major sporting leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA and Major League Baseball. We have decades of experience with large scale events including Super Bowls, Olympic Games, NBA All Star Weekends, and Salesforce Dreamforce. Our expertise includes stadium design, client experience, event security, business management, and more. We also partner with experts in advanced security technologies to deliver the most hi-tech solutions to address equipment and logistics needs. Combined, we have industry knowledge and experience to deliver optimal results to our clients.

The Stratoscope brand was born in September of 2020 in the middle of the pandemic knowing our ability to ensure positive outcomes would be in great demand. We decided we needed a new brand to reflect our years of experience in the sport + entertainment industries! Stratoscope speaks to our ability to develop strategy through a laser-focused scope leaving no rock unturned in our delivery to our clients. 

The Stratoscope story began long before Dan Donovan founded the company. In 2001 he launched The Inocon Group— focusing on operational readiness. In the same year, the world changed when the 9/11 attacks took place; we made the decision to become focused on strategic event security. Our unique differentiator —which remains true to this day— is our team’s experience in applying operational security and event solutions.

Stratoscope event and safety experts
Stratoscope team 2011

The Inocon Group grew to work with numerous high profile brands like the NFL (multiple Super Bowls), Olympic Organizing Committees, NCAA, NBA and many others prior to being acquired by Guidepost Solutions in 2011.

After joining Guidepost, our clients from The Inocon Group all followed us as we grew the practice to add stadium arena design while continuing our consulting services. We were able to bring on marquess stadiums such as Levi’s Stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Truist Park, and Hard Rock Stadium. In 2014, Salesforce engaged our team to enhance their annual Dreamforce conference which included their Dreamforce concert.

In 2018, our clients followed us to T&M USA as we continued to grow our event business. We also added key team members, Calvin Graber and Paul Matthews, to our leadership team after they worked on various events with us. While at T&M, we continued to grow our presence in the events industry and conference space delivering events of all sizes around the country. 

Guided by a pursuit of greatness and our P5 process, we are your event solutions partner. The team at Stratoscope has the ability to solve complex problems in operations by simplifying them. Strategy + scope is how we ensure positive outcomes for all our client needs. We understand the vision behind each project and we put plans in place that exceed expectations.


Our P5 Strategy


Our team understands your operations and we add the right people to ensure positive outcomes.


Our solutions are driven by tried-and-true process and exercised prior to deploying.


We leave no rock unturned as we develop plans to ensure our clients’ success.


Our track record speaks for itself, we regularly seek to improve and have our clients grade us regularly.


Work product or physical products, either we have them or we know the best products to add to our solutions.

We develop custom, comprehensive security postures for each client. Contact our event operations experts today to learn more about our process and how we can secure your next event.