The management of a stadium and events is equally important to the design components of that stadium. Our team specializes in event security and crowd management planning. We work closely with your security, production and marketing teams to ensure all elements of safety, crowd management and security are designed and developed for a great event!

The Stratoscope team of seasoned event professionals integrates with your events team to bring you best in class safety, security and crowd management services. Our combined expertise includes 12 Super Bowls, 7 Olympic Games, 4 NBA All-Star weekends, 6 Dreamforce conferences, the Papal visit at Madison Square Garden, numerous MLB, NBA, NHL, boxing, concerts, festivals and related events.

Stratoscope works with your team to determine your objectives and provide a suite of services to meet those objectives:

  • Crowd management
  • Safety and security plans
  • Security staff contracting and management
  • Staff and attendee screening
  • Access control / credentialing
  • Specialized Technologies:
  • Operations Center
  • Video Surveillance
  • Guest Screening/Metal Detection
  • Communication Plans
  • Intel Support

Stratoscope professionals work with event teams to assess the overall event plans, agendas and challenges to ensure event success.

Crowd Management

Crowd management is where the art meets the science. The science is putting the best plans together based on the expected outcomes of the event.  The art is being able to prevent problems by understanding the overall event plan and having a team that has years of experience and can think ahead when the plans change and react in an instant to provide the best guest experience possible.  Our team of industry leaders in event planning apply both industry best practices and modern approaches to deliver the art and the science to your events.

Event Operations

We assist with both event planning and event operations. There are many logistical components to an event that must come together in the event operations center. Our team is skilled at managing everything from staff resources (security, concessions, facilities, administration, and support) to performers/players and attendees. We identify, prevent, and solve problems. Through our well-thought out approach backed by industry expertise, we enable stadiums and arenas to deliver memorable experiences to attendees and performers.

Staff Management

Maintaining security and safety relies heavily on the individuals responsible for defining and implementing protocols and procedures. Developing staffing plans, post orders and credential sheets is only half of the battle.  Identifying the right staffing companies to implement the plan, negotiating rates and managing them onsite is an area the Stratoscope team delivers.  We take that burden and provide an end-to-end security solution for your events.  Ensuring staff are properly trained to use security technologies and to apply their own judgement to identify issues beyond the scope of those technologies. From using guest screening/metal detection to access control to crowd management, properly trained staff is essential and is something our team excels at.

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