Stratoscope ensures positive outcomes through our P5 Strategy! At our core, we believe in people, products, process, planning, and performance. Whether it’s the design of a new facility, event risk mitigation, or a strategy to solve the various challenges in the Sport + Entertainment industry, we apply data and logic to our solutions. We have the right people and expertise to solve challenges and ensure our customers’ success. We minimize risk and account for each minor detail so events run safely and smoothly. Our P5 Strategy acts as an invisible net that catches problems before they arise and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

The Stratoscope team consists of industry leaders with expertise in problem-solving for large-scale venues and high-profile events across Sports + Entertainment. More than just expert leadership and equipment, we provide peace of mind by balancing and meeting the needs of attendees, venue owners, and event organizers. From internal corporate meetings to large conferences of 100,000 attendees, no event is too large (or small). We will tailor a security plan to fit your needs. When vendors fall through, regulations change, or your team is at capacity, Stratoscope ensures your event or venue is protected.


We are an industry leader in high-profile event solutions. With decades of collective experience and the premier tech, we work closely with your team to plan around vehicle mitigation, crowd visibility, pedestrian ingress and egress, location of services, and more. Let our team ideate, test and implement operational procedures and processes to ensure complete event readiness.

Stadium Design

We understand that our clients are not building just any venue, they’re building the venue of tomorrow. As blueprint experts and with industry-leading event and stadium design expertise, we approach every stadium and arena design with an ever-changing world in mind. We not only guide in the design process, our team excels in helping  venues determine which systems are right, how to navigate integration and programming, negotiation with vendors, as well as, the challenges related to sponsorship. Our specialists have worked with professional and collegiate venues across all of the major sports leagues, including NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, and NCAA, and we have seen it all. We guide ownership, management and design teams through every stage of the process.

Stratoscope design of Chase Center

Crowd Management

We elevate attendee experience while maintaining efficiency and minimizing risks. From stadium design to on-the-ground event security, we incorporate tech, creativity and innovation to ensure the best guest experience. More than creating a security plan, our team studies all of the details of the event and places a very high value on moving people in a safe and secure manner so they remember the emotional highs of the event! Ultimately, a higher NPS score and greater guest experience means more return visitors and more revenue.

Stratoscope Creates L.I.S.T. Award to Honor Unrecognized Leaders in Security, Technology

SecurityInformed.comAugust 29, 2022 Frontline staff are the key to all security postures deployed in the sport & entertainment industry and not recognized as often as necessary for the critical roles they perform. To remedy the lack of recognition, we've launched...

Dan Donovan Moderates Multiple Panels at the 2022 IIFX FANCENTRIC Conference in Las Vegas 

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NBA Arenas are More Susceptible to On-Court Protests and Interruptions, Expert Says

Audacy.comApril 18, 2022 “Dan Donovan has worked in stadium security consulting for 25 years and even he was surprised at how the last two Timberwolves games have been interrupted by protestors. ‘I don’t know that we’ve seen this,’ said Donovan, founder of the stadium...

In the Wake of The Astroworld Tragedy, Venues and Security Weigh In

In the Wake of The Astroworld Tragedy, Venues and Security Weigh In Pollstar.comNovember 10, 2021 “It’s a tragedy; we all feel for the families that lost people at this event,” said venue security consultant Dan Donovan. “There’s a history of these types of events...

Managing Partner of STRATOSCOPE explains Olympics Games crisis

Black Barrel MediaJuly 27, 2021 “Just about any crisis imaginable in an event setting, Dan Donovan has been faced with. As a managing partner of STRATOSCOPE, Dan has spearheaded operational risk solutions teams for the largest events in the world: Olympic Games, Super...

Dinner With Dan + Joe Coomer of AMB Sports and Entertainment

In episode 3, Dan talks to Joe Coomer, the VP of Security at AMB Sports and Entertainment, the business behind the Atlanta Falcons and the state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Joe shares about the stadium's critical role as a COVID testing site, his team's clear...

Dinner With Dan + Adam Stockwell of the Milwaukee Bucks

In our second episode, Dan chats with the Vice President of Security for the Milwaukee Bucks, Adam Stockwell. The pair shares industry insights and advice, discussing everything from industry staffing issues to operations. Adam also shares details about Fiserv Forum's...

Dinner With Dan + Jim Mercurio of the San Francisco 49ers

Dan Donovan, Founder + Managing Partner at Stratoscope, has nearly three decades of experience in event security planning, crowd management, security systems design, operational readiness, crisis management and emergency operations. He's often on the road from one...
Five-star experience
Stadium security design
Security protection
Security client satisfaction

“Dan Donovan and the Stratoscope team has been a valued security consulting partner for SMG for many years. Our security and emergency management program has benefited from their insight based on a wide knowledge/experience base. We have partnered with Stratoscope for our corporate security planning and they work with a number of our venues when specific assistance is needed.”


Michael C. Godoy
Vice President of Operations

“Dan Donovan and the other professionals at Stratoscope continue to be a valued partner from the design/ concept process through opening and ongoing operations to us at AMBSE. The wealth of experience from Stratoscope was of great value working while working with our design team on our security technology, physical security, crowd management and operational planning needs. We continue to leverage Stratoscope services to provide quality control and visibility in the public safety field as we continue optimize our plans for our SAFETY Act submission for certification and continue to work with them on a variety of security and investigation needs.”

Joseph Coomer
Vice-President of Security
AMB Sports + Entertainment

“Dan Donovan and the Stratoscope team have been a valued partner from the beginning of the design process through opening and ongoing operations at Fiserv Forum. Their vast experience was of great value working with our design team on our security technology, physical security, crowd management and operational planning needs. We have also turned to Stratoscope to develop our SAFETY Act submission and continue to work with them on a variety of security and investigative initiatives.”

Adam Stockwell
Vice President, Security
Milwaukee Bucks

“Going into a large event such as this and relying heavily on the skills and abilities of a vendor that is shouldering most of the load, whom you have no prior proven work experience with. Tends to give a feeling of hesitation, wondering if the vendor will be able to perform when the doors open. Not only was there a plan in place, but after Day 1 when the gaps or needed adjustments were identified, you quickly made the necessary changes and monitored them during the remainder of the event. I was confident it would be addressed successfully, safely and professionally, and it was. This is my third Celebration event, it was without question the best performing entry checkpoint queue of the three. I look forward to future collaboration with you and the Stratoscope team.”

Director, Security
Entertainment Industry