The Goal

The Stratoscope team is the lead Security Consultant to Salesforce on the delivery of the largest tech conference in the world. We have led the overall security plan, policies, management and delivery of the security posture for the past six years. With over 100,000 attendees, keynote speeches for 15,000 guests and overflow for an additional 30,000 attendees, and a gala event for 45,000 attendees, Dreamforce is a very challenging event.

The Services

  • Crowd Management
  • Security Management
  • Operations Center
  • Emergency Operations
  • All security vendor contracting and management
    • Security staffing
    • K9
    • Metal Detection
    • Video Surveillance
    • Vehicle Mitigation
  • Law enforcement, Fire and EMS coordination
  • Overall Safety and Security Management for the event
  • 20+ security & crowd management experts who work as zone leads to implement a robust plan

The Results

Under Stratoscope’s direction, Salesforce has experienced a new standard to the Dreamforce conference by developing a truly temporary Event Operations Center including 100+ temporary high megapixel cameras to provide situational awareness. This increased awareness along with layered zone leads has given Salesforce and their partners like George P Johnson the ability to safely continue the growth of this critically important event.