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Leaders In Security & Technology

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The Award

Security is often thankless work. Stratoscope’s L.I.S.T. Award is here to change that. This award acknowledges the “Leaders In Security + Technology” who apply their training to make sure every person and event is safe and secure. While we would be lost without our incredible CSOs and Directors, the world often forgets the industry’s frontline staff. These champions are our boots on the ground, ensuring everyone is safe from real-life harm and threats. It’s time we call them out and celebrate them for their hard work and dedication.

The Criteria

Stratoscope grants the L.I.S.T. Award each month to an under-appreciated or unrecognized frontline team member in sports and entertainment who exemplifies excellence and expertly applies their training in their role. We review nominations from across the country and choose winners based on criteria such as:

Loyalty to the team and company

Commitment to event and venue security

Peer-to-peer collaboration and communication

Innovation in products, people or processes

Demonstrated leadership in the field

Positive attitude and perspective

Outstanding overall performance

Nomination Form

Why does this nominee deserve the Leaders In Security + Technology Award? Please be as specific about how the nominee meets the criteria as possible.

September 2022 Winner

Kris Balles of SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park security

Kris Balles of SoFi Stadium / Hollywood Park

“Kris has been with SoFi Stadium/Hollywood Park from the beginning of security staff hiring. Kris has been recognized and rewarded for her conscientious and consistent quality work in the security department. She stepped up to take charge of the on-boarding for security staff and also assists with the onboarding of all staff. She did this without being asked.

She has proven to be a strong leader helping to build security staff through training and recognition. She is universally loved and respected by her security team. She is constantly striving for self improvement as well as inspiring the other members of the security department to take a strong professional approach to their responsibilities.

— Russ Simons, Venue Solutions Group

Meet the L.I.S.T. Award winners of months past:

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