Assessing Risk and Preparing for Civil Unrest in 2021

Meetings Group
February 22, 2021

“We have to always be prepared, first for protestors and secondly for the possibility that these protestors may include individuals with the intent to do damage or inflict harm,” says Donovan, who has personally assisted with the security of such high-profile events as Amazon’s AWS re:invent conference, Google Next and the last six Salesforce Dreamforce conferences — not to mention seven Olympic games, 12 Super Bowls and four NBA All Star weekends. “We’ve seen protestors at a number of events that we’ve been involved with and have even seen them breach perimeters. How do we mitigate risk and what’s the likelihood of it happening at a business event? The answer is really all based on intel.”

Intelligence is critical in determining what risks need to be considered and which risks need additional resources dedicated to mitigating them, Donovan adds.

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The New Look of Vigilance: COVID-19 And The Changing Nature of Traditional Threats Are Keeping Security Pros, Venues Busy
February 20, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has added new layers to the challenge of securing venues and events, but it’s not the only concern keeping industry professionals up at night as more traditional threats remain and bad actors have adapted tactics to the degree that even low-tech, lone-wolf attacks can achieve deadly and economically devastating results.

Nearly a dozen sources interviewed by VenuesNow regarding trends in event security as the pandemic stretches into a second year agree that measures and technologies aimed at removing as much friction as possible from the guest experience without sacrificing security have accelerated in recent months thanks to their utility in the age of COVID-19.

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Contactless Screening Steps Up at Sports Venues
January 11, 2021


The College Football Playoff is testing the next generation of metal detectors for Monday’s championship game at Hard Rock Stadium, and one NFL team executive predicts the contactless screening system will become widespread at sports venues over the next several years.

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Five Questions with Security Professionals from Around the Industry
February 21, 2021

What’s one new practice or technology that every venue should be using?

Touchless guest screening. Fans will be less inclined and have a heightened sensitivity to interact with unnecessary touchpoints when on site. The latest technology provides operators with the ability to do just this while maintaining a thorough search and the overall security posture.
– Dan Donovan

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