Black Barrel Media
July 27, 2021

“Just about any crisis imaginable in an event setting, Dan Donovan has been faced with. As a managing partner of STRATOSCOPE, Dan has spearheaded operational risk solutions teams for the largest events in the world: Olympic Games, Super Bowl, NFL, NBA, NCAA, All Star Games to name a few.

In this episode he takes us through obstacles faced at the Atlanta Olympics including the Centennial Bombing. The near crisis at the Sydney Olympics during the lighting of the Olympic Flame with all star athlete Cathy Freeman and the cringeworthy Sydney Olympics Gymnastic Vault issue. We also discuss his handling of what appeared to be a bomb at a very high profile 100,000 person corporate conference minutes before the largest event, and what happened after he got the call that an attack took place at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester stadium.”

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